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Robotic Automation in Agriculture

Robotic automation is on its way. With more than 1.4 million robots expected to be built before 2019, the role of automation in agriculture, aviation, and other industries will be massive.

A lot of people think of automation solely in the context of manufacturing or marketing. But there are many more uses for this amazing technology! Here are a few ways that the growth of automation technology is guaranteed to change industries around the world.

Automation In Agriculture

The role of automation in agriculture will be incredibly powerful in the future. If you think about it, this is part of a 200-year trend: the agricultural revolution did not involve tractors.

Drones hold a lot of promise for agriculture. That’s because tasks such as measuring soil quality, figuring out how much water crops need, mapping out the land, and measuring the risk of diseased vegetation are all easier from above.

The watering of crops is another task that is going to be left to automation. Processes such as subsurface irrigation are going to reduce the time and financial cost of watering plants on farms. Not only does this mean happier farmers, it also means more food for a lower price.

Even livestock will have automation in their lives. The growth of milking machines on farms has been one of the most time-saving innovations in the agricultural industry. Ultimately, the future of farms is automated.

Aviation Industry Changes

The aviation industry is also benefiting from automation. Everything from marketing automation for airlines to safety checks for pilots will be a part of the future of flying.

The safety checks are what make flying particularly safe. The SR-SCARA Pro robot can perform up to 800 touches per minute, allowing pilots to check the cockpit and make sure they’re flying safe from the comfort of their homes.

We all want to be safer. The role of automation in aviation is making that a possibility.

The Role of Nanobots

The word nanobot gets thrown around a lot. But not many people actually know what a nanobot is. Simply put: nanobots are robots made as small as possible. The implications of this technology are strongest in the medical field.

For instance, if there is damaged tissue within the human body, nanobots are capable of getting inside and doing repairs. Similarly, monitoring health will become far easier with this technology: imagine a nanobot inside of the heart or bloodstream that can send a notification to a smartphone or wearable device if something is wrong. Or, imagine instantly having an ambulance called in the event of a heart attack.

All of this is possible with the use of nanotechnology in the medical field.

Get Automated

There are uses of automation in every industry. As a matter of fact, the question about automation and robotics is not “if,” it’s “when.” If you want to get started on automating your business, we have a number of products that can work for you.

Embrace the future. Contact us to save money and time while building a better product.


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COO | Robot-assisted test automation on real HMI Devices | IVI | Smart Device | Touchscreens | Keypad | Avionics panel |Mobile

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    So in future we can expect a big robotics revolution

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