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Resume Mistakes

A resume is the first impression of an applicant. In a job market where thousands of applicants are available for a single position, there should be something unique in the resume which distinguishes you from rest of the applicants.

Some resumes that I received since I joined Sastra Robotics urged me to write this article. Mostly, the mistakes made in a resume by many job seekers are not major, they are just minor ones. But these minor resume mistakes can lead to rejection of the candidate even before the interviewer meets him or her. Let’s find out few common resume mistakes which candidates make while applying for a Robotics Company job like ours.

  • The Font size & Fancy fonts:

Being an HR professional I usually get to see candidates using different font size or using fancy fonts. They basically use different fonts and font sizes to fill up the page. In case of a resume, there are no such rules for fonts but try to maintain the standard font size and font throughout the resume. You would not want to present yourself as an immature person in front of an interviewer, Do you?

  • Hobby project:

Being an HR person in a robotics company, while hiring whether it’s a fresher or experienced person, the first thing I search for is the hobby projects. I personally believe that every candidate should have some interesting hobby project. Hobby project is the only thing which brings the uniqueness in you from others and which actually shows your passion towards the specific domain you want to enter.

  • Complete information:

While applying from some different job portals such as “indeed” etc, kindly make sure that your details are filled in properly. Sometimes I get resumes with just basic information i.e name, address and education. At times even the contact details mentioned in are incorrect and that again creates a problem in connecting back. Keep one thing in mind, the company gets a lot of resumes every day and does not believe in spending time for someone who not even bothers to update his/her/others, information.

  • Relevant hobbies:

Recently I got a resume in which the candidate had applied for the position of Electronic Engineer, and added her hobby as “cooking, dancing and travelling.” Did you see that? Yes, there is no relation between the position she wanted to opt for and the hobbies mentioned in the resume. Your hobbies in a resume should have relevance to the position you are planning to apply. It doesn’t mean you cannot have any other hobbies which are irrelevant to your profession. It just means the hobbies mentioned in the resume should support your passion for the position.


  • Resume:

Not attaching your resume along with the mail, by just jotting, “I am interested” will not help you or the recruiter. So don’t forget to attach your resume in the mail. Before sending please double check your email to see whether you have attached your resume in it or not. Recently when I posted the requirement of “Business Analyst” to my website, I received an email saying, “I am interested” and it was sent without any attachment. Dear job seekers, sending these kinds of emails is just a waste of time for you as well as for the recruiter.   


Basically, job seekers can be divided into two categories:

  1. Active seekers: The one who is urgently looking for a job or a job change.
  2. Passive seekers: The one who is not in need of a job or job change, but if it gets an opportunity, he might look for the same.

Recruiters always look in for active seekers. But when recruiters receive resumes with the above-mentioned mistakes, they usually avoid spending much time on that and rather search for the better one. It is said, The First Impression is the best impression. If you want your dream job, the first impression has to be the best impression. So, stop scrolling down, go and get your resume ready for your dream job.



Asif Dadamiya Ismail

Robot-assisted test automation on real HMI Devices | IVI | Mobile Phones| POS Machines | Smart Device | Touchscreens | Keypad | Avionics panels - Test your product in a most realistic way like a human using RPA.

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