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Development Technology

Industrial Robots vs Cobots – How Are They Different?

Everyday advancement in technology has given automation a huge stride in the manufacturing industry. According to a survey, it is expected that the global revenue generated by industrial robotics would cross the mark of $3 billion in early 2020. With rising user demand and expansion of the 4.0 industry, this number would no doubt jerk high. However, the debate between robot and Cobots still prevails.

Self-Driving Cars

Reshaping cities through Self-Driving Cars: The future is here

Self-driven car technology is driving towards reshaping cities well beyond easing traffic congestion. One of the biggest features of this new technology includes generation of the vast amount of data which government officials can use to fill potholes, replacing parking lots with parks and creating traffic lanes for the cyclist, public transportation and emergency responders. […]

Development Robotics
Get Started With Collaborative Robots

How To Get Started With Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots, also called cobots, are those that can be used alongside humans and are essentially safe. The simple fact is that cobots can do anything which a human can and they can be used just about anywhere that humans are used. In this article, we attempt to explain how to get started with using cobots if you have decided to automate your manufacturing or packaging processes.

Healthcare Robotics Startup
Bomb Disposal To Health Care Assistance – Robotic Automation

From Bomb Disposal To Health Care Assistance – Robotic Automation Services In Various Industries

Over the past years, we have witnessed how robotic automation has combated different processes in various industries. These efforts have superseded the normal human workforce activities to a great extent. But, the methods and the complexity of tasks they can perform within that environment has increased dramatically in recent years. From performing repetitive tasks that […]