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Nano robotics

For decades, science has been obsessed with making technology smaller and more efficient. From phones to entertainment devices, we’re always looking to take the things we love with us.

But what if it didn’t have to stop there? What if there was a technology so powerful and so small, that it operated at a microscopic level?

While this may sound like a fiction novel, it’s very real. Nanobot technology is fundamentally changing the future of how the world operates.

And while the mainstream may not see nanobots technology for a little while longer, make no mistake — these little guys exist. Here are some of the biggest ways these small bots are making a difference.

Nanobots Technology in the Medical Field

Within the next few years, you can expect doctors and surgeons to have some new tools at their disposals. Most funding for nanobot technology comes from the medical field, and for good reason.

There’s tons of excitement surrounding the possibility of nanobot medicine.

Last year, for example, researchers made a tremendous medical breakthrough.They managed to use nanobots to target a tumor and administer medicine accordingly! Just think of what this could mean for cancer research.

Within a few years, chemo treatments as we know them may be rendered obsolete.

But the amazing capabilities don’t stop there. If administering life-saving cancer medication isn’t impressive enough, how does tissue repair sound?

Since these bots are essentially microscopic, they’re capable of entering the body, finding the damaged tissue, and repairing it accordingly.

These bots may be small, but make no mistake, they’re quite strong.

Nanobots Technology Could Change the way we Think

Perhaps the fascinating aspects of nanobot research are the theories that scientists have come up with. None more fascinating, perhaps, than what computer scientist Ray Kurzweil believes.

Kurzweil, in an interview, suggested that nanobots may become a part of us. And not in an ‘everyday practically’ sense, either — they could literally become part of our bodies.

Kurzweil’s suggestion is that we may see people implanting nanobots in their mind. Since nanobots are based on machine-based learning, they could create a centralized form of intelligence among people.

That means that we’d have access to more information than ever. Your brain would essentially become a computer in Kurzweil’s fantasy. But this is all predicated on whether computers are capable of learning emotion.

And if you’re concerned about the invasion of privacy that could come with implanted robots, Kurzweil understands. Luckily, he believes that encryption is “outpacing decryption.”

Sending Nanobots to the Frontline

Few things push technology forward quite like warfare. For better or worse, it seems that every new war brings about new machines and applications.

And the world of nanobot technology is certainly no different.

Military specialists are hard at work creating smarter, faster bots capable of spying and retaining info. And unlike drones, these new military bots are capable of grabbing and grasping.

Technology for the Future

Whether micro or macro, at Sastra Robotics, we believe that machines are the future. These incredible devices are capable of altering the way we live our day to day lives.

To see more of what we’ve been working on, check out our portfolio! And if you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to get in touch. Whether you’re curious about how tech is evolving or want to harness the power of robotics for your business, we can help.


Asif Dadamiya Ismail

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    February 5, 2022

    Could nanoparticles or nano bots have been administered through the mRNA vaccine agenda?
    If so to what advantage?

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