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Robotic Inspection Robotics

Technological Breakthrough Allowing Robots to Co-work with People

Robots – Aide of the Future?! In today’s world, technology sprouts each day. Something that could do your hardcore, monotonous and redundant manual tasks would be the best thing ever since sliced bread! Every cloud of technological problem holds a silver lining solution in hand. In cases where speedy and repetitive manual work persists like […]

Electronics Robotic Inspection Robotics

How Robotic Inspection and Testing is Proficient in Electronics Manufacturing?

The electronics industry comprises organizations involved in the manufacture, design and development, assembling, and servicing of electronic equipment and components. They offer a wide variety of products that frequently depend on only one thing in common-electronic technology. Electronics is one of the fastest evolving and most innovative industries, comprising thousands of electronic products with countless […]


Don’t be surprised! The car that whizzed past you may be a 3D printed one

You will acknowledge this soon .3D printing is an important and fast-growing subset of Additive Manufacturing (AM) and already exists particularly for manufacturing prototypes. But prototypes were developed earlier also! What was the manufacturing technique used? Let us first understand the current, traditional (subtractive), manufacturing. Subtractive manufacturing is a process by which 3D objects are […]


How Robots can Keep Supply Chain Managers Calm?

Neatly labeled packaging, easily retrievable storage systems and timely deliveries have been the mission of many a supply chain manager. Packaging and palletizing processes involve performing repetitive motion activities or tasks. Robots that are designed and programmed for such activities can overcome human limitations in terms of speed, accuracy, errors and work duration. Let us […]


Why Touchscreens are Still Knocking the Doors for Entry into the Aircraft Cockpit?

Today, citizens of the world are at ease and comfort using a touchscreen device, be it their mobile phone or in-car infotainment systems etc. While touchscreens have the biggest advantage of the multi-touch-user friendly operation, but from the piloting perspectives, there exists an additional layer of complexity in touch screens, which have potential flight safety […]