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Are Robotic Automation and its Trends Shaking the world of Technology?

India ranks third in the world in implementing robotic automation in its core business processes according to the statistics prompted by the International Federation of Robotics! Robotic Automation finds its application in all sectors that drive the latest technology in this era. This involves trends in industrial robotic automation as well for instance, in building […]

What’s new with SCARA robots

SCARA ROBOTS-Four Decades on and Still the Most Sought After Robot

Since the SCARA robot, with its brilliant simplicity, was introduced in the late 1970s, its accuracy, speed and smooth motion have made it a favourite of manufacturers for a wide range of applications till date. The SCARA acronym stands for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm or Selectively Compliant Articulated Robot Arm or Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Actuator. A SCARA robot […]

biodegradable robots

Researchers aim to build eco-friendly robots with biodegradable materials

Have you wondered what the human-looking robotic bodies have underneath their coarse looking skin? Well! Even when robots are getting more life-like, their insides are mostly plastic or metallic substances. These materials are hard to dispose of especially after their span. This is because these materials are toxic, non-biodegradable and expensive. Scientists in Italy are […]

Healthcare Robotic Inspection Robotics
Robotic testing in healthcare

Why robotic testing is critical in the performance of healthcare touchscreens?

Currently, the focus in the healthcare industry is more towards the patient than the physician. Healthcare companies are striving towards providing efficient and accurate solutions to enhance levels of patient care. This is enabled with the advancement of robotics in medicine and healthcare products. Robotic testing in healthcare products’ touchscreens plays an important role, behind […]


Robotic Arms are the “Stepping Stone” to Industrial Robotics and Automation

The robotic arm has an absolutely fascinating history, Leonardo da Vinci designed the first sophisticated robotic arm in 1495 with four degrees-of-freedom and an analog onboard controller supplying power and programmability. A sophisticated, self-propelled, mechanical device that was over 500 years ahead of its time. it was also fully programmable, with the ability to control […]