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India ranks third in the world in implementing robotic automation in its core business processes according to the statistics prompted by the International Federation of Robotics!

Robotic Automation finds its application in all sectors that drive the latest technology in this era. This involves trends in industrial robotic automation as well for instance, in building cars, electronics, and in agriculture, nuclear energy, mining, healthcare and also in environments such as outer space or the bottom of the sea.

While robots are designed to perform a specific task, usually repetitive and dangerous tasks that humans are unable or prefer not to do because of certain limitations, be it security or monotonous work for instance. Since robots can be used extensively to perform a wide variety of tasks there evolved a need for a branch of study that would involve the conception, design, manufacture, the operation and maintenance of robots. This branch of study is known as robotics and robotic automation has shown evolving trends and the highest of it recently!

Some Facts in the field of Robotic Automation and Trends

  •        According to the statistics by International Federation of Robotics, in 2015, around 1.63 million robots were in operation worldwide
  •        By 2019, the number of industrial robots are expected to reach the figure 2.6 million
  •        In 2017, the market value of industrial robots grew by 13% from last year and is estimated to hit $14 billion
  •        By 2025, the industrial robots market is projected to grow/expand to $33.8 billion

The major robotic automation trends according to the recent statistics and studies find that robotic automation has the ability to deliver accurate, high-quality work and thereby, increase the productivity, save time and money. They even suggest that there might be an era when around 60% of work will be done by these robots!

Major trends in robotic automation

Robotic Automation finds a New marketplace in the form of cloud robotics

With the support of a new model of delivery, that is with the cloud to integrate robots and embedded devices into a cloud computing environment, known as Robotics-as-a-Service (Raas). Robots can pull data that can be stored in a cloud-based system to be retrieved by humans involved in the job to save cost and increase efficiency, scalability, and flexibility. It is forecasted that 60% of robots will depend on cloud-based software solutions by 2020.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Technology and Robotic Automation

Robotic systems can aid the IIoT and implementation! Robots will increasingly deploy smart sensors at the edge of production to collect data previously inaccessible to manufacturers. This trend is currently underway and will lead to new levels of productivity and efficiency.

Cybersecurity Merits in Automation having Pitch Perfect Results


Cybercriminals, who either find an open window in the cloud and hack into the pepper robots or sink the financial markets, are certainly the most concerning risk. As data collection grows, the chances of cybersecurity risks also are increased. Manufacturers will be forced to address pitfalls in their processes and invest heavily in cybersecurity to ensure safe, reliable production.

New developments of security software can improve the chances of catching the 60-70% of cyber-attacks missed by standard anti-virus systems. By automating the malware detection process, many human hours can be spared as the need for multiple checks also can be replaced.

Commercial robotics and E-commerce

The increasing growth of online shopping has created the need for warehouse automation. A report by International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that 45% of global e-commerce players will leverage robotics for warehousing and delivery functions, by 2018!

While some offer the advantages of automated pick-and-package systems, others specialize in logistics operations for high-volume orders. Some warehouses are also trying special robots for speed-sorting where parcels are sorted and packaged based on their size, weight and dimensions.

COBOTS to revolutionize automation trends

Smart collaborative robots are equipped with an array of sensors and underlying technology that makes them easy to be programmed on! As these robots get smarter, they’ll be more reactive and independent, they become more successful in delivering the current market trends on customer preferences and increasing the speed of innovation.

Collaborative robots can work safely alongside humans and are often far cheaper than their industrial counterparts. As collaborative robots become more capable in tough industrial settings, they will see greater adoption by manufacturers with strict ROI requirements. They offer some of the most impactful market trends in robotic automation!

Big Data Analysis finds a bigger space in setting robotic automation trends

Big Data uses more than 40% of the fastest growing enterprises to automate robotic processes. Manufacturers will have to implement systems to organize and analyse all of this big data and information. By end of 2018, 75% of developers will be integrating AI enabled functionality in one form or the other into their projects!

The Next-Gen Robots

There are many situations where robots work simultaneously with humans to drive productivity or handle menial and dangerous jobs. When used correctly and morally, robotic automation will contribute and will continue to contribute much greater innovations in technology trends in the 21st century.

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