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Are Robotic Automation and its Trends Shaking the world of Technology?

India ranks third in the world in implementing robotic automation in its core business processes according to the statistics prompted by the International Federation of Robotics! Robotic Automation finds its application in all sectors that drive the latest technology in this era. This involves trends in industrial robotic automation as well for instance, in building […]

biodegradable robots

Researchers aim to build eco-friendly robots with biodegradable materials

Have you wondered what the human-looking robotic bodies have underneath their coarse looking skin? Well! Even when robots are getting more life-like, their insides are mostly plastic or metallic substances. These materials are hard to dispose of especially after their span. This is because these materials are toxic, non-biodegradable and expensive. Scientists in Italy are […]


How Robots can Keep Supply Chain Managers Calm?

Neatly labeled packaging, easily retrievable storage systems and timely deliveries have been the mission of many a supply chain manager. Packaging and palletizing processes involve performing repetitive motion activities or tasks. Robots that are designed and programmed for such activities can overcome human limitations in terms of speed, accuracy, errors and work duration. Let us […]

Electronics and Robotic Testing

Electronics and Robotic Testing : 5 Major Advantages

The combination of electronics and robotic testing is raising the bar for how we test electronic products. More now than ever before, developers rely on robotic testing for electronic products. According to data from the Robotic Industries Association, robot sales to the electronics and semiconductor industry increased by almost two-thirds in the first quarter of 2011alone. […]