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Right now there are well over 200,000 industrial robots in use across the country. Robotics and automation have transformed the job market: from assembling products and welding to handling materials and painting cars.

And it’s no wonder that robots are replacing positions with their ability to maximize output and remove the need for full-time employees.

But that shouldn’t mean you should worry about your job. Too many careers to mention require functions that a robot simply can’t do. Some may even find that allowing robots to take over menial tasks might actually mean a less stressful job.

Here are some of the occupations robots and automation are likely to affect in the future (if they haven’t already).

Mining Jobs

Sending human miners into the earth is expensive, considering the salaries and the insurance required. Suddenly machines come along that can do the job more productively while eliminating any need for people underground (mostly).

It’s a big win for the mining companies, but not so much for the actual miners. They, like many Americans, will have to evolve to fill new roles or consider relocation.

But there are and will be new options in the near future. We’ll talk about those later on.

Jobs in Transportation

The rise in interest of self-driving vehicles grows faster every year. Tesla vehicles are the new idea of luxury and futuristic extravagance. And that automated technology is already leaking its way into the transportation industry.

Currently, the economy is in desperate need of new CDL truck drivers to transport goods across the country.

The ATA’s Truck Driver Shortage Analysis 2015 says, “Over the next decade, the trucking industry will need to hire a total 890,000 new driver, or an average of 89,000 per year.”

Most of the current CDL truck drivers are near the retiring age, which is another tremendous factor. But what if these trucks could drive themselves?

Factory and Physical Labor Jobs

Machines have helped the country progress long before Henry Ford implemented them into his assembly line. Now, though, machines are growing more intelligent and capable of complex skills.

Similar to the miners, physical workers and factory workers might find a lot of their hands-on duties replaced by automated machines in the future.

Robots and Automation Create Jobs

You could be driving alongside a driverless semi-truck before long. Your canned goods may even go from field-to-sealed without any human intervention. What we do know: the future is full of robots.

Robots and automation technology already surround us in our electronics and cell phones. They’re making our lives easier in the background, whether we realize it or not.

But that isn’t to say robots are taking everyone’s jobs. In fact, these new systems and robots will need maintenance, tech-savvy designers, and technology managers to keep things running smoothly.

The tech industry already employs over six and a half million people in the United States. With new technologies and robots appearing, more techies will definitely be needed.

The Future is Bright

There’s no need to worry that robots will take over all the jobs in the future. In fact, as the robotics industry grows, so will the need for new jobs to maintain it.

Are you a robot enthusiast or research institution? Want to discuss one of the robotic services we offer? Contact us today and let’s work together!


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