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// Robotic Testing Ensuring the Safety and Reliability of vehicle Infotainment Systems in

Automotive Industry

Automobiles in Modern Times are becoming as much computer, as they are vehicles. GPS Navigation Systems, touch screen and/or voice-activated audio and video systems, rear-view camera systems, lane change assist devices…these Infotainment Systems are quickly becoming standard issues for the new automotive industry.

There is a fine line between enhancement of the driving experience and distraction. A simple “glitch” of one of these systems, could possibly lead to enough distraction in busy traffic, to cause accident, injury, or death.


Improving the reliability of the infotainment system.


Make the new generation vehicles safer on the roads.


Increasing the performance and the experience.

Reliability and accuracy of Infotainment Systems are critical, and rigorous testing should be applied to components, both during product development and on the assembly line.

Business Insider predicts there will be about 10 million self-driving cars by the Year 2022. Testing of reliability of automobile components has reached critical mass…failure of some of these systems cannot be an option! Robotic testing of these components is a great solution to provide unmatched duplication, speed, and accuracy.

Recently, tactile testing of touch screen devices, levers/ buttons, and keypads could only be accomplished by human hands. Enter SR-SCARA-Pro, a lightweight SCARA robot that can be customized for testing of Infotainment System Components. For touch screen testing, the SR-SCARA-Pro goes light-years beyond human capability, performing up to 800 touches per minute, without the element of human error. 

Easily programmable, and having the ability to interface with existing software used for testing, it has the capability to provide remote, accurate testing, in a fraction of the required time. With the ability to touch, press, and swipe, it can easily master the demand of a multi-faceted control panel of any type, thus providing the repeated and accurate testing needed to ensure maximum safety and reliability of automobile Infotainment Systems.

Automotive Infotainment Systems are one area, where rigorous testing cannot be undercut. Yet within development and production, there is a double-edged sword: Time is Money! SR-SCARA-Pro has the unique ability to be adapted to a large range of testing environments. Basic control modules are included with the package, which makes it possible for developers to create their own software solutions to provide testing of their prototypes. 

Using this unique, robotic solution can ensure ultimate reliability under all anticipated conditions, which means safer driving for the end-user. Consumers want Infotainment Systems that offer PC grade responsiveness, easily navigated menus, connectivity with PDAs and Smartphones, and a plethora of options.

These are features that drive competition in the marketplace, and innovation is moving at a rapid pace. Integrated automation is the trend, and testing needs to be scaled up to accommodate that need. SR-SCARA Pro is ready to adapt to the need for testing, ensuring safety for vehicles of the future.