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Oxyhope is an open-source hardware project initiated by Sastra Robotics to unitedly fight against the COVID pandemic.

Supported by Kerala Startup Mission(KSUM) & BreathOfHope. 

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Open Source Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator - An Open Hardware Project Initiated by

100% air purity

Optimized HEPA + UV filtration module in the input valve removes 99.9% of virus & bacterias - Safe to use in a contaminated environment

No humidity issues

Medical grade moisture & particle trap ensure dehumidified air input to the zeolite sieve - seamlessly works in humid climatic regions

Smart Alarms

Oxyhope is equipped with multiple indications like low purity, low pressure, power outage/fluctuations, overheat & overload, etc.

Oxyhope medical grade oxygen concentrator USPs
96%+ O2 Purity

13X zeolite modified with Li+ exchange method exhibits a higher nitrogen adsorption capacity to produce high purity with low energy

100% Medical grade

All the components used in this product are 100% medical grade. This will ensure risk-free & high-quality Oxygen production consistently

Power efficient

This concentrator can run on a household power backup inverter, thus giving an uninterrupted oxygen supply even in our home

// Some unique features

Addressing The Unaddressed

Oxyhope is an open-source project started by Sastra Robotics that address the Covid19 situation and post covid treatments. Oxyhope is designed to produce up to 96% concentrated Oxygen at 5LPM. The common oxygen concentrator available in the market is not designed specifically for high humid and high altitude areas. As per our preliminary research, most of the oxygen concentrators available in the market and open source projects fail in coastal and high humid areas due to the interaction of humidity with the sieve tanks. High humid conditions make the Zeolite in the sieve bed absorb the water content in the air and result in lower oxygen concentration. As per our research, we found the oxygen concentration came down to 30% when working in 80%+ humidity for a few days. Also, the humidity clogs the other filter elements in the assembly and corrode the metallic parts like the compressor.

Video Showcase
//Filters for contaminents

Designed for Any Environment

When using the oxygen concentrators in a hospital environment such as a Covid treatment ward, the air in such environment can be contaminated and there is no protection against pathogens in this contaminated air in the existing systems. We address this issue by using a HEPA+UV-C filter chamber to remove and kill all the pathogens with a 13000+ dosage of UV-C exposure.

video showcase
// Let's Build it together

Build for the Community -OpenSource

We developed the Oxyhope in a generic open source hardware platform-Arduino which is familiar to a large community and we aim to coordinate all the intelligent minds in this community to contribute and make progressive improvements to the firmware.